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How far does a Student Nurse Walk on a 12hr Shift?

Posted by Laura on May 12, 2010

I was curious how far I walk while on shift.

Being a “Student” nurse, I know I’m walking extra steps, getting my linens, my bath supplies – woops, forgot the gown – back to the linen closet. Where are those cotton balls? 10 mL NS syringes? – you get the idea.

So I walked a couple hours over the weekend in the hills. I walked over 7 and 1/2  miles on my pedometer – it calculated 17, 506 steps.

Click, Click, Click,…

On shift yesterday I started my pedometer halfway through. It calculated 6 hours worth. So I multiplied the calculations x 2 and it showed over 6.1 miles. 620 Calories burned! Over 14,000 steps!

Click, Click, Click,…

No wonder all those nurses are so slim!

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  1. Brandi said

    I hope that happens to me too =)

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