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Looking for a Job

Posted by Laura on June 23, 2011

I’m looking for a job.

This blog has comprised the 2 years of the ADN program at Antelope Valley College in California. There are so many students, world-wide, who continue to use this site – so I will maintain it for a few more years. I will start a new site as a RN. Look for updates – I will post a link to the blog here!

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Updated Categories

Posted by Laura on June 22, 2011

SNL – Quick Notes


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Posted by Laura on June 5, 2011

This first part of Summer I will update with more 4th semester items.  Look back for them when you have a chance.

I have let my 4th semester video go, and placed our entrance walk to the Pinning Ceremony as my first post – please enjoy,

Perpetuum Mobile by the Penguin Cafe Mobile

(if your browser doesn’t support – go to:

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Graduating Class Message

Posted by Laura on June 5, 2011

            Thank you Dean Cowell, and thank you everyone for your kind welcome.  As Dean Cowell said, my name is Laura Barron and it is my privilege to speak to you during today’s pinning ceremony and represent this graduating class, Spring 2011, as President.

            This has been the goal of every student here today.  Not everyone who started this journey with us arrived here, along with us.  We offer our hope and encouragement to all of them, and know they can, and will, reach their goals.

            I especially want to thank Dr. Lyder, today’s guest speaker, who took time from his busy schedule to join us on this special occasion, and celebrate along with us.  I also want to thank our AVC President   Dr. Fisher, and Mr. Wilson, our Board of Trustees President.  Their efforts on behalf of all students at Antelope Valley College, and especially the nursing program,   made this day possible.  Our health Sciences Dean, Dr. Cowell, and our class Faculty Adviser, Professor Stewart, for provided outstanding leadership, and instilled in all of us a desire for excellence.  Each and every instructor who guided us through our lessons, including those outstanding professionals on the hospital floor, deserve a special thanks for their wisdom, patience, and technical expertise, only small bits of which we were able to absorb, but it was enough to allow us to reach today’s milestone.

            I’d like to offer a few thoughts regarding the achievement we student nurses are so rightly proud of.

            There is a hand-off sheet used when a patient’s care is being transferred to another responsible party. It is called the SBAR. S for Situation, B for Background, A for Assessment and R for Recommendation

I’d like to give you the SBAR of the Spring Class of 2011.

Respectfully Submitted by Student Nurse Laura,

Thank you

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