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Registered Health Information Technician

Updated by Laura on January 17, 2015

One of my goals when I started the nursing field was to obtain my RHIT. I took one year of Health Informatics Technology, through a Health Workforce Training Program. This program is one of the ways the US government is trying to assist hospitals and physicians get trained individuals who understand the “meaningful use.” I learned a lot from this program, and am excited about the RHIT. I’ve already done some classes, some are excused because I am a nurse, and some are to come. So I will be putting a bunch of my school work on this site also. It helps me learn by regurgitating the information : ) Community colleges where given the short-term certificate programs  for HIT workers I talked about. I was even part of grant, so I received my tuition back. Very nice. You can find more about it here. I’ll have upcoming links and categories under RHIT. For now, AHIMA or the American Health Information Management Association is the credentialing organization for “effective management of health data and medical records needed to deliver quality healthcare to the public.”laura

RN       RHIT      BSN       RHIA      MSN 

  NP (no problem)

I am ‘Student Nurse’ Laura. Use to be just student, but I like the new ring to it. I’ve created this blog to help me keep organized in my classes as I venture into this world of care, with hopefully enough competence and compassion, as I can muster.

I have completed the Pre-Reqs needed for the program in Fall 08 and applied for the ADN program at Antelope Valley College as soon as those transcripts were available. I feel fortunate to make it into the Fall 09 class with my eyes on graduating in Spring 11. So many wonderful peers to go through this course with – I’m definitely looking forward to a rewarding experience!

I have one goal – To learn, so I can help expertly, carefully and thoughtfully.

(I created when I was going through anatomy and when I SI’ed for Professor Sullivan. Next came for Professor Sullivan to use.  Keeps me learning 🙂 )

I am a past technical editor for a large publishing company of the last 9 years. Business owner – xerographic, graphic, and resale-dealership of 16 years. Master Gardener, Certified Mediator, Mother, Wife, Daughter, pet feeder…..

It is Thanksgiving and the end of our first semester comes close and I have loved every minute of it. Acting as the class president has given me one opportunity of helping I have been extrememly grateful of. If there is anything I can do to help ease us through the next semester and year, please let me know.  11-26-09

One more semester completed. It is now summer and I have the opportunity to precept at LCH in the ED! I am so happy for the break, the chance to garden and spend time with my family. 6-13-10

Found a picture of me on a website LA Hughes & Associates ,. I like it, must have been one of my better days!

05/15/2011 – Almost Done!!!

29 Responses to “About me….”

  1. Marcelo said

    Laura, how are you? You are one of a kind. Maybe, we can get the old study group, together, one more time – Marcelo

  2. Anonymous said

    You my dear are awesome!

  3. Editor said


    We wanted to let you know that your blog was selected for inclusion in our list of the Top 25 Nursing Student Blogs of 2012. You can view the list at


    Editorial staff

  4. Iman said

    This is truly amazing i will be sure to share this site with my fellow Tuskegee nursing students! thank you!

  5. Deidre Chavez said

    Just like the others who commented on this website ,I just stumbled on it !! Wow ! Thank -you for sharing !

  6. SILVIA said

    Hi there, Ms Laura
    I found your site while looking for nursing resources to help myself while I am in nursing school. WOW, you must be a trully amazing, and smart person! How wonderful of you to share all of this…and for everyone to gain from your hard work and true kindness. Not many people do these things anymore. I applaud you.
    With much admiration, Silvia

  7. Natosha said

    How did you create your drug cards? Do you have a template? Thanks!!!!

    • Laura said

      Hi Natosha,
      Some of the drug cards are in word.doc
      Look for those in my files, and you should be able to use them as a template.

  8. Julie said

    Hi Laura,

    I am the president of our SNA and I keep up our facebook page. Your drawings would be great to post there – do you mind if I do so? Thank you for your blog, it is very informative. Your drawings are adorable. Thank you again!


    • Laura said

      Hi Julie,
      That is so nice – and thanks for asking!!
      Yes, of course. These were part of my stress reducers!
      – Laura

  9. Anonymous said

    Wow, someone else who remembers things by drawing cartoons!
    I’m in my last semester and finding your blog was a wonderful surprise. I only wish I’d found it several semesters ago!

    Good luck with the job hunt (or congratulations if you have found one by now.)

  10. gertie said

    Hi Laura,

    I’m starting my nursing program this Fall 2011 at AVC and I’m so happy and excited to stumble upon your nursing blog! It’s informative and downright creative!

    Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes in all your future endeavours 🙂


  11. OMG I love you!!! I am a senior nursing student at Brenau University in their part-time program. Like you, I am changing careers. Nursing school has been a challenge but I love it! Your resources will be a huge help this year!
    Congratulations on your graduation and your wonderful website. I will be using it often until I graduate next May. Great job! Where do you want to work? Jill

  12. Juanita said

    Hey Laura, I’m sad not to be in Spr ’11 anymore, but one good thing about staying back a semester is having your blog for 3rd semester all ready and waiting for me! THANKS, I’ll be using it regularly. 😀 –Juanita (Fall ’11)

  13. Connie said

    I jus ran across your website. It is unbelievable….. YOU are unbelievable! enough said! You are the kind of person, who could potentially find the cure to Cancer (if there was one!)Keep Up The Great Work :o)


  14. Student Nurse Kylie said

    I was wondering if there is any way you could add a search bar to your page. Where us students can type in a topic (like norepinephrine or ICU or something)and then it lists all of the pertinent things you have on your page? Is that possible? I am technologically challenged, so I woudln’t know!

    • Laura said

      I never thought of my blog having so much to sift through, but I guess it has started to grow a little 🙂
      Thank you Kylie for the suggestion! It is located in upper right column.

  15. nursekc said

    Hi Student Nurse Laura,

    I am so happy that I stumbled across your blog this morning! I am also currently a nursing student, having recently finished my first semester. I’m blogging my experiences at and I’m absolutely loving it!

    The amount of resources you have listed on your site are unbelieveable. I love that you have iPhone app suggestions – I got mine in March and I’ve been debating on what I should spend my money on and what’s just not worth it. Thank you for the time and effort that you’ve put into this fantastic website. I hope you don’t mine me sharing it with my fellow nursing students.

    Good luck! You’re almost there!!! 🙂


    • nursekc said

      I also hope you don’t mind me borrowing a few of your resource pages/pictures to share.

      Any tips you can spare for the starter nurse would be priceless I’m sure.

      • Laura said

        Kristin, thank you for your comments. You may absolutely use anything I posted. Just remember, it is how I have comprehended the information our class needs to learn. I try to stay with the texts, but even some of them get to be a couple years old – and you know science is always changing. So, if something makes you raise your eye brows – check with your teacher.
        I find writing helps me put things in the right file in my mind, and if it can help anyone else digest the info, then I have started helping people already.
        I wish you the very best, and if you don’t mind I will post your blog here for some of my readers!
        Take care and stay in touch! Laura.

        • nursekc said

          I totally know what you mean. The drug book I bought less than 6 months ago is already out of date! Don’t you hate that!?! I found your study tips especially helpful, and I love the success secrets. Did you illustrate them?

          I’ve added your blog to my page as well. I’d love to hear about your life after nursing school!

          Take care and thank you,

  16. Liza said


    My name is Liza and I write for the Lydia’s Uniforms Blog. I just wanted to leave you a quick comment because we’re currently holding a contest where our readers can vote on the top nurse blogs. We’ve selected Student Nurse Laura to be on our list of the top 25 – congratulations! If you would like to vote for your blog, or have others vote, please visit this link: We’ll be announcing the winners during Nurses Week 2010.

    Best of luck and thanks for your time!

  17. Kendra said

    Dang girl! And you wonder why we want you as class president!?! I wish I had 1/10th of what’s going on in your mind. This website is absolutely fabulous. Thanks for everything and WHEN you get elected I will be honored to serve under and with you (that is if I still remain unopposed)…lol. See you in class.

  18. Brandi said

    It is such a pleasure to be included in your circle of study friends.
    I will enjoy breaking the study tension by making everyone laugh until they cry…like

  19. Lisa Gallardo said

    Hi Laura,
    great website…. I was looking for that book (NCLEX)you had stated that was great for test taking related to our studying…
    sorry I know its probably here on your website but I am really computer illeterate!!!!

    Thanks Lisa

  20. Vicki Halstead said

    I had no idea you were this creative & techie…where do you find the time? I’m soooo very impressed!
    Love it! Keep up the good work1
    your newest study buddy