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Student Nurse Flo

Posted by Laura on August 30, 2009

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Posted by Laura on August 30, 2009

Hear some sounds!  








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1st week

Posted by Laura on August 29, 2009

Exciting, mind filling, and what I heard most in class – where do I start? I’m already behind!Say What?

One thing I noticed. For module II objectives, very good information is actually in F. of N. Chapter 1 (not sure why it wasn’t the required reading) Actually you might as well read skim all the first 8 chapters. These aren’t very long.

Second thing. Everyone in this class is SMART. Way smarter than me. I have to blog and everything else to stay even with the pack. You made it through our pre-reqs. You made it through TEAs. You made it through all the hoops required in own unique personal lives. You will definitely make it through this!

Third thing. Our own anxiety is from not knowing. So, we have to learn it, then all that anxiety will go away. Start with those baby steps.

  • We know we have the abbr and equiv. test next week. Do your flash cards all the time.
  • Read and figure out the objectives for your modules. Can’t find the ideas, ask around – everyone wants to help. I’ll help. I don’t know if my answers are what the teacher wants on the test, but maybe your study buddy does.
  • Then put them away to study for your exam later. 
  • Read for the next module, watch videos and practice.

 Well, this is my current plan. I may modify it, but I won’t modify the anxiety part. Make fear our friend and it will go away. The only way to make it you friend is to get to know him.

If there is something on this site you would like to access (articles – I will post all I find through the semester under Resources), and if you find it is password protected or private (for copyright reasons), send me an email and I’ll get it to you or give you the access.

PS. If you find anything I have written wrong- and I’m sure there will be quite a few (such as Air not being a priority under Maslow’s), PLEASE let me know. My knowledge base is currently only 1 week long and untested.

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Posted by Laura on August 28, 2009

If I had a daughter who has a closed full of clothes to wear, from socks and shoes, to coats and hats (universal), and she has the growing pre-teen desire to stay up with fashion(developmental), she may wish to dress herself even though she may be color-blind(health deviation). Given the fact that she is 12 and always trying to stay up with odd trends(Basic Con. Fact.), she may need some guidance to dress appropriately for church(therapeutic). So if I take away the fact that she can dress herself(self-care) and knows she must go to church(self-care agency), I may come in to offer her SCD. So in other words, we may have been doing this self-care theory all along!

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Conclusion of First Day

Posted by Laura on August 26, 2009

There is a lot to learn! But, I think it will be fun. We have great teachers, really took some of the stress off and let the nerves defrazzel a little listening to the hours of lecture. In the end we tried taking pulses. I only found the brachial pulse half the time. Luckily I have a good study buddy that helped me realize what we need to do to find it fast. Hoping tomorrow will check off .

The McGill Physiology Virtual Lab

The McGill Physiology Virtual Lab

The McGill Physiology Virtual Lab
The McGill Physiology Virtual Lab

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First Day

Posted by Laura on August 26, 2009

Today is the first day of Clinical. In the classroom. Of course I’m nervous, and excited, but I need to see where I’m going. I think after this week, I’ll feel better. I have a feeling it will be all lecture and math today.

Went to my other class last night, and boy was the parking lot filled! There were no open slots. Even at 7pm! Hope this morning is better. Having a late class before early morning clinical’s may be a little hard, but it’s my ‘fun’ class. What is life without fun?

I’ll need to walk it off tonight. Who likes walking? If anyone wants to join me to walk after class, please let me know. I would love to have someone to walk with.


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Getting Organized

Posted by Laura on August 25, 2009

One thing about starting a new project, it always makes me clean up any left over items I may have been slipping on.

Starting this class has pushed a few things together. Nice to see my desk all cleaned up. Probably won’t stay this way for long.

I’m also getting my house painted. Spent the last 6 months getting estimates and hem-hawing. Finally is happening!

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Posted by Laura on August 23, 2009

                                              Sphygmomanometer mercuryaneroid sphygmomanometer


Taber’s: An instrument for determing arterial blood pressure indirectly. The two types are aneroid and mercury.

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B2 Receptor theory bronchodilation

Posted by Laura on August 23, 2009

b2 receptor theory bronchodilation (Large)

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Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone Mechanism

Posted by Laura on August 22, 2009

renin-angiotensin-aldosterone mechanism

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Adrenergic Nervous system reflex mechanism

Posted by Laura on August 22, 2009

adrenergic N S

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Under Personal Announcements – Room Assignments

Posted by Laura on August 20, 2009

Just in from AVC – by Vickie Beatty

NS 111 and 110 room assignments for Fri’s lectures
Date: Aug 20, 2009 9:02:54 AM

The class will be divided into 2 groups for the Friday lectures, no change in CRN, do not do any paperwork, just show up.

Last names A-Marsh will attend lecture in room 114

Marshall-Z will attend lecture in room 208

The occupancies for both rooms are at maximum.

Clinic room assingments to follow.

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Posted by Laura on August 20, 2009

The six human dimensions, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, sociocultural, emotional and physical. When I read this I automatically thought about my fish. Yes, they have been ill. Well dying actually. And I want to be a nurse? I know, I need to figure this out. tigerbarb

I always knew about my spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being. I’ve always tried to keep it in check an balance. The thing about these 6 dimensions is I should be able to control them with the fish right? Now people are complex. We can’t always understand their environment or sociocultural needs, but with my fish I should have complete control. So why are they dying?

I’ve pH-ed their environment. Kept their numbers up for social needs. Feed them and given them cool things to swim around for the physical. Nifty lighting and daily talks to hopefully affect the other areas. Not really working.

I’m off to the fish store to replace one, and hopefully give the chaser a different friend to chase. I think the other fish (with COPD) is in need of rest.

8.26 Started with new set of fish. Also found out we weren’t adding salt. So, with a new environment, different fish who aren’t as aggressive we are now doing pretty well. In fact one had babies!

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Nursing Hairstyles

Posted by Laura on August 20, 2009

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How does one find the right hairstyle?

Never have figured it out, but now it has to be “off the collar”, and “out of the face”.

 Style and color should be fashioned to promote safety and professionalism. (Luckily the facial hair isn’t a concern yet.)

I’ve searched and find various styles – maybe not quite right. Any suggestions?

margeMartha Stewartanswer-nurse-2

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Nursing Organizations

Posted by Laura on August 20, 2009


            After reading the first chapter in the F. of N., I decided to join the American Nurses Association (ANA), and the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA).


I hope there is something to gain for me, as well as them, with my dues.

Is there another association I might be interested in or should consider?

I suppose it will add to my reading list through the mail slot.    🙂

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Posted by Laura on August 18, 2009

Okay, now the hard stuff. I received my Dimensional analysis for Meds book last night. This book is great. Shows how to do all these calculations. I wonder if we’re syringe going to learn this stuff in class. Figure I will just work my way through it this week, and then see where I went wrong in class.   

I really like the pictures in the book! Makes it easier to understand what I’m calculating. I’ll have to check out the CD that came with it also.

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Begining Dosage Calculations

Posted by Laura on August 17, 2009

Simple Conversions – sets me up for Dosage Calculations.

Put your unknown on top, what we want below. Then place all our conversion factors on the other side of the equal sign, and solve for X.

Question – Dr wants you to give Drug X gr 1/400 sublingual  PRN chest pain.  You have a bottle labeled 0.15 mg per tablet. How many tablets will you give?

1st put the unknown on top as   X  tab, then as its denominator, put what we want (what the doctor ordered).

X tab


gr 1/400

Now start the conversion factors on the other side of the equal sign. We have a  bottle labeled 0.15 mg per tablet, or  0.15/1 tab. Make sure to place this on the opposite side of the equal sign with same units in same positions. In this case we have tablets. Should look like this.

X tab              1 tab

____          =    ______

gr 1/400       0.15 mg

Now tabs are same, but we need a conversion factor to get our mgs to equal grs. We know 60mg = 1 gr     Now we will add this conversion factor to the right side. Making sure to place units opposite this time!

X tab              1 tab        60 mg

____          =    ______ x  ______             

gr 1/400       0.15 mg     1 gr

Solving – We start off by working the right of the equation. Cross cancel what you can to simplify. We can cancel out the mg and we can put 0.15 into 0.15 once and into 60, 400 times.

X tab              1 tab        60400 mg

____          =    ______ x  ______

gr 1/400       0.151 mg     1 gr

Multiply right side, should look like this:

X tab              400 tab        

____          =    ______

gr 1/400       1 gr

Now we solve for X by cross-multiplying.

1X = 1/400(400)    or X  = 400/400  or x = 1

Our answer =         1 tablet

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Simple Conversions

Posted by Laura on August 17, 2009

This is how I have set up my calculations.

Starting with conversions. Using a simple one we all know the answer to, I will set up my formula.

Question 1.      2000 mL = ____ L

First put what we want to know on the top of the equivalent line, or in the place of the numerator. We are going to use the algebraic X for the unknown.                X L

Then, for the denominator we put what we have. 2000 mL. So our equation will now look like this.

X  L

_______ =

2000 mL

Next we put all our equivalents on the other side of the equal sign. So we know 1 L = 1000 mL. When we put our equivalent or conversion factor up, make sure the same units are on the numerator or denominator side. Now the equation will look like this:

X  L                       1  L

_______ =     _________

2000 mL              1000 mL

When you have a ratio like this, you must cross multiply to get your answer. Starting with the top left you will get :

X  times 1000  = 2000 (1)          then,        1000 X  = 2000       then,    X = 2000/1000   then,    X = 2

or X = 2 Liter

This is the same way I set up my dosage calculations. Putting the question on the left of the equation, and then conversions on the right. Remember the first conversion or equivalent must line up with the left side’s units. All conversion factors after (on the left of the equation will have units opposite). On the right of the equation we will multiply straight across. Then we will cross multiply with the left side to solve for X.

So, a little harder conversion.

Question 2:    2 qt = _________  mL

X  mL               2 pt          500 mL

_____       =     ______    x    _____

2 qt                 1 qt           1 pt

Above we have the unknown in our 1st spot. Our known quantity (what we have) below it. Next on the opposite of the equal side (or our conversion side) we put our conversions to get there. We know 2 pints equal one quart. So we place this so the units are on same side. As we do this we see only one unit is the same – the quarts. We place it on the bottom and the unmatched one on top. Since we know we need to match up to mls, we find the equivalent for pts to mls.

Now any extra conversions on the right of our equation must have equal units opposite. This is different than the first fraction, and if I am going to mess up – this is it.

So we placed the 500 ml above 1 pt.

Now we solve for X.   Starting with the problem on the right of the equal sign. Here we cross out any equal units. So I would cancel the pt ‘s. Multiply straight across to get 1000 mL above 1 qt.

X  mL           2 pt 500 mL

_____      =    _____ x   ______

2 qt               1 qt         1 pt

X  mL             1000 mL

_____ =     _______

2 qt                    1 qt

Now that we have just one fraction on either side, with like units, we can cross-multiply to solve for X.

1 X  = 2 (1000)     or,       X = 2 (1000)     or,   X = 2000

So our answer is 2000 mL

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Equivalents, Weights and Measures

Posted by Laura on August 13, 2009

catLet’s see. 1 meow = 1 pat, 1 leg rub = 2 treat

Equivalents and Measurements – Test 2nd Week


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My Nursing Assistants

Posted by Laura on August 13, 2009

gambit  Chloe  Concor  merlin 

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