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Balance of the Nurses’ Energy

Posted by Laura on November 26, 2009

I made this scale to show the balancing of the nurses’ energy. We have been taught to keep our bodies healthy, our minds nurtured and our spirit awake, but have you really thought how deep this goes? Breaking some of these areas up into mental, intuitional and emotional health lets you see where you may be missing a little tender loving care, and probably more importantly – letting go. So I ask you, is your energy balanced?

The article by D. Sherman on nurses’ stress talked about self-care nurses must do to keep from burning out. It relates the balancing of four fields: the Vital field – physical body, the Emotional field – feelings, the Mental field- thinking, visual images, ideas, and the Intuitional field – creativity, compassion, healing.

When these energies are imbalanced, stress and illness will occur.


laura’s thoughts generated by the article in Module 9 – Witt Sherman, Deborah.  “Nurses’ Stress & Burnout,”  AJN, May 2004, Pages 48-57

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