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IV Therapy

Posted by Laura on February 26, 2010

Starting an IV line. Just a little nervous…

So I check my orders properly, gather my supplies and bring to my patient. Check his id, wash my hands and explain the procedure. Next I will prepare all my supplies.

I have gathered my supplies based on the order. I have the bio-bag, chux, gloves, tourniquet, alcohol, chlorhexidine or providone-iodine depending on allergies. I have my needle dependent upon type of therapy and duration, prn adaptor, saline flush in syringe (supplies to fill syringe if needed with alcohol wipe), transparent dressing, tape, pen/label. Preparing my supplies prime y-port/prn adaptor with saline, leaving syringe attached. Get tape ready, open needle pkg.

Now after selecting the correct location for the IV, place the tourniquet 4-6 above  site, palpate to find good vein. Release tourniquet. Put on gloves and get antiseptic. Put tourniquet on again, clean area for IV – allow to dry. While using traction on skin to stabilize vein, insert needle – bevel side up at a 15-30 degree angle. Then decrease angle and enter vein. When flash-back is visible, release traction, release tourniquet, advance needle 1/2 cm, advance cannula off needle into vein. Occlude vein proximal to site, remove needle and push needle’s protective pull-back mechanism. Attach prepared prn adaptor and flush. Apply tape and dressing to site. Mark dressing with date, my initials and catheter size. Document records.

Wish my patient/friend luck!

 – almost forgot, I need to have guaze and bandaid for D/C!

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