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Oral Temperature with Thempadot

Posted by Laura on November 26, 2009

  How to Obtain Accurate Readings:

• Wait at least 15 minutes before taking temperature when patient is exposed to cold weather (all assessment methods) or smoking, eating or drinking (oral assessment).

• For oral assessment, place in heat pocket under tongue. Be sure mouth is closed for 60 seconds.

• For axillary assessment, be sure device is against torso, parallel to length of body and completely covered for 3 minutes.

• For rectal assessment, be sure device is completely in sheath and device is inserted into rectum with all dots covered for 3 minutes.

• Allow 10 seconds for the device to ‘lock in’ before reading.

• Read the last blue dot and ignore any skipped dots.

• Retake temperature with new device:

– If left in mouth longer than 2 minutes.

– If left under arm or in rectum longer than 5 minutes.

Download 3M pdf on readings.  tempadotinstructions

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