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Mortality / Death Rates

Posted by Laura on March 21, 2015

Statistics on Death Rates is important to help public health agencies plan services where may be needed. One way this has been used is the call or need for new medical specialties. Have you heard of a doctor being a intensive care expert? The idea is intensivists can have a direct affect on death rates. There are many organizations who use this information befside hospitals and the CMS.

  • The Automobile Industry
  • Handgun Advocates
  • American Heart Association
  • American Cancer Association

To compute hospital death rates, formulas for calculating include the number of patient deaths divided by number of patient discharges (including deaths).

Note: DOA are not included, because they were not admitted to hospital.

Note: Fetal deaths,ER, and out-patients, are not included.

ref: Horton, Loretta and Margaret Theodorakis. Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics, Fourth Edition. AHIMA Press.

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