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Review for Exam

Posted by Laura on March 16, 2015

Some simple math calculations for review. Much like math for nursing, healthcare statistics has some basic concepts that progress in complexity. Knowing the exactly where the information is coming from, how to get the statistics, and what the results represent is the most important. But, for now, I’m just going to post some simple calculations and will comprise all in an excel document for future use.

Fraction to Percent – Fraction to Percent Calculator

Percent to Decimal – Percent to Decimal Calculator

How to get the Ratio – Ratio Calculator

Average (mean) – Average Calculator (Mean)

Sum of all values / Number of all the values involved



Census- calculate census, – Total number of patients treated during a 24 hour period.

Inpatient Service Days – Services received by one inpatient in 24 hour period.

Total Inpatient Service Days – Sum of all inpatient service days for each of the days in the period.

Purpose – planning, budgeting and staffing.

FORMULA – Average Daily Census:

Total inpatient service days (excluding newborns) / Total number of days in the period.

for a Unit:

Total inpatient service days for the unit for the period / Total number of days in the period

 – for NB :

Total newborn inpatient service days for a period / Total number of days in the period



Inpatient bed count – Number of available hospital beds, both occupied and vacant, on any given day.

Inpatient Bed count day – Counts the presence of one inpatient bed (occupied or vacant)that is set up and staffed for use in one 24 hour period.

Total inpatient bed count day – Sum of inpatient bed count days for each of the days in a period.

FORMULA – Percentage of occupancy – Total number of inpatient service days for a period (x 100) / total inpatient bed count days in the period (Bed count x Number of days in the period)

FORMULA – Percent of occupancy FOR Newborn Bassinet Occupancy Ration – Total newborn inpatient service days for a period x 100 / Total newborn bassinet count x Number of days in the period.

FORMULA – Bed Turnover Rate (direct)- total number of discharges for a period / average bed count for the same period.

FORMULA – Bed Turnover Rate (indirect)- Occupancy rate x Number of days in a period / average length of stay. Note: Used when the bed count changes during the period in question.

Length of Stay


Length of Stay – Number of calendar days from admission to discharge.

Total length of stay – Sum of the days stay of any group of inpatients discharged during specific period of time.

Purpose – Utilization management to evaluate the facilities efficiency in provideing services cost-effectively, while evaluating level of care, example – Financial reporting

FORMULA – Length of Stay- calculate using discharge days (no Newborns) – Total length of stay of discharged patients for a given period / total number of discharges and deaths in the same period

Average Length of Stay  – Toatl length of stay (discharge days) / Total discharges (including deaths)

FORMULA – Average Newborn Length of Stay – Total newborn discharge days / total newborn discharges (including deaths)

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