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Precepting in ED

Posted by Laura on July 14, 2010

Summer Precepting has provided me with over 100 hours on the floor working with many patients and team health care providers of different personalities. As with many things in life, the unknown can be scary and the only way to take that fear away is to make the unknown a friend.

With many successful IV starts,  OG tube insertions, Foleys, EKGs, blood draws, iSTATs, UAs, IVFs and IVPBs, Meds by PO, IM, R, SQ, charting, assessments, restraints, and Accu-Cheks, I have gained a great deal of clinical skill. I found by working closely with the other team members such as the RTs, Lab Techs, EMTs, Radiology and even EVS I have a better understanding of what makes their job easier and quicker if the nurse uses certain techniques. This ensures the overall safety of the patient, making the nurses job better with less time lost and better communication. Sometimes a simple thing like the way a lab draw is labeled will ensure the patient doesn’t need to be poked again delaying the results for treatment.

I asked questions always. To the nurses who were busy saving lives on the floor, I think it just showed my inexperience, but after I knew the answer I know I had one more piece of information to help me next time. I also found I prefered to stay busy. When there was a lull in the ED, I sanitized, restocked supplies, did “sit and chats” with the patients. I didn’t see the other nurses do this. They found chairs to sit in and talk about their schedules. I wrote notes to look up when I get home, or found some tech to follow and watch how they did their procedures.

I suppose both ways are stress relieving techniques and after I know all the answers I may be more interested in my schedule, but for now its the same as when I started the program – the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know 🙂

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