Student Nurse Laura

Orem – "creative effort of one human being to help another human being."



ac                           before meals

ad lib                      as much as desired

bid                          twice daily

BRP                       bathroom privileges

elix                         elixir

fl                             fluid

g                             gram

gtt (gtts)                 drop(s)

L                             liter

mcg                       microgram

mEq                       milliequivalent

mL                          milliliter

mg                          milligram

OOB                       out of bed

oz                           ounce

pc                           after meals

PO                          by mouth

prn                        as needed

q                             every

QID                       four times per day                                      

Rect    R                rectally

Rx                          take

SR                          sustained release

stat                         immediately

tab                          tablet

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