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Maternal Death and VS on Maternal Death Rates

Posted by Laura on April 2, 2015

Incidental (suicide or homicide) or accidental (MVA or Fall) causes are not included in the Maternal Death RateIt is the death of a woman from causes related to pregnancy or its management of. Direct and indirect OB deaths can be specific also. Direct OB involves the pregnancy such as a hemorrhage due to a c-section. Indirect OB death may be from a co-morbidity such as Diabetes.

Note: do not include non-maternal deaths (accidental or incidental).

Vital Statistics on Maternal Mortality Rates are used in public policies and health studies. They are usually states per 100,000. The WHO has great information on Vital Statistics on death rates.  Visit

ref: Horton, Loretta and Margaret Theodorakis. Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics, Fourth Edition. AHIMA Press.

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