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Newborn Mortality Rates

Posted by Laura on March 27, 2015

Definitions for Newborn Deaths/Newborn Mortality Rates

Infant deaths – any time in the first year

Neonatal deaths – liveborn death within the neonatal period. 28 days

Newborn deaths – death of a hospital liveborn infant who dies during the same admission.

Perinatal deaths –  Stillborn and neonatal deaths.

Post-neonatal deaths – After the 28th day of life through the end of the first year.

Vital Statistics for Neonatal & Infant Mortality Rates

Birth certificates are used frequently for this data. The rate is times by 100,000 for use in vital statistics in the US.

ref: Horton, Loretta and Margaret Theodorakis. Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics, Fourth Edition. AHIMA Press.

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