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Reflective Journaling

Posted by Laura on February 19, 2015


I have to do reflective journaling with an online digital clinical program. After I complete the day’s activities, I need to write in my reflective journal. My instructor has access to this and wants us to include specific areas for improvement, what we learned and how we can apply it in our practice. She wants to know the moments of


LEARN is an acronym to help guide my journaling. I’ll be using these five steps: Look back, Elaborate and describe, Analyze the outcome, Revising my approach, and New approach.

L – Looking back

  • Recall the experience. Reflecting shortly after the experience will help.
  • Describe what transpired. Who was involved?

E – Elaborate and describing

  • What subjective and objective factors contributed to the experience?
  • What did I say or do? What were my actions? What bothered me? What didn’t feel right?

A – Analyze the outcome

  • Was this experience a positive or negative experience for me and why?
  • Did I make assumptions? Why did I intervene as I did? What other choices did I have? What happened as a result of my actions?
  • What internal and/or external factors influenced me?

R – Revising my approach

  • As a result, what will I continue to use in practice, what am I satisfied with, and could I have done differently?
  • Was there other choices? What do I need to do better? What do I know now, that I did not know before?

N – New approach

  • Try the revision out. Do I need to change my practice, gain more knowledge? What did I learn from this experience? What will I be able to do now that I could not do before? How will I find opportunities to include my new point of view into my clinical practice? How will I evaluate the success?

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