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Patient Census

Posted by Laura on February 15, 2015

Patient Census are important for budgeting resources, but there is a difference in terms. 

Census Taking

  • Daily inpatient census: The number of inpatients present at the census-taking time. Add any inpatients who were both admitted after the previous census-taking time and discharged before the next census-taking time
  • Inpatient census: The number of inpatients present in a healthcare facility at one consistant given time

Service Days

  • Inpatient service day: A unit of measure equivalent to the services received by one patient during one 24-hour period. Does not matter if they weren’t there for the full 24 hrs.
  • Total inpatient service days: The sum of all inpatient service days for each of the days during a specified period of time, such as for the month.


Upcoming Math

Calculation of Inpatient Service Days

Calculation of Transfers

Recapitulation of Census Data

Average Daily Inpatient Census

Average Daily Newborn Census

Average Daily Inpatient Census for a Patient Care Unit


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