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. Is it Healthcare or Health Care? .

Posted by Laura on January 23, 2015

One of the words I try to keep straight on, especially with all the writing I do now, is health care.

When do you make it as one word, or two words, or do you hyphenate it as a catch all?

Healthcare has come into our language in different situations. Language changes all the time, especially when you start using words in a more relaxes atmosphere. Here is what I have come up with as a rule:

Healthcare – such as your healthcare professional (You:))  As a single word, is describes the noun. It is an adjective.


Health care – such as my health care is very important, is used as a noun.

From what I have read, healthcare, is more internationally used. Try to use the words broke up when doing papers in the US, unless it is a adjective – like the example above, or if it is stated as a proper name.

Eventually, like most things, time and cost will become factors and we will go to HC instead. Hope this helps!


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