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Posted by Laura on January 22, 2015

The SBAR provides safe communication when passing off information from caregiver to caregiver.





This is a modified example my instructor gave on the SBAR:

  • Dr. Pangelinan, this is Flora Cruz, RN, I am calling from Borja Hospital about your patient Rai Perez.

  • Here’s the situation: Mr. Perez is having increasing dyspnea and is complaining of chest pain.

  • The supporting background information is that he had a total knee replacement two days ago. About two hours ago he began complaining of chest pain. His pulse is 120 and her blood pressure is 126/55. He is restless and short of breath.

  • My assessment of the situation is that he may be having a cardiac event or a pulmonary embolism.

  • I recommend that you see him immediately and that we start him on O2 stat. Do you agree?

Read more here @ Home with The Joint Commission, or

Why is SBAR communication so critical?


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