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Posted by Laura on January 17, 2015

One of my goals when I started the nursing field was to obtain my RHIT. I took one year of Health Informatics Technology, through a Health Workforce Training Program. This program is one of the ways the US government is trying to assist hospitals and physicians get trained individuals who understand the “meaningful use.” I learned a lot from this program, and am excited about the RHIT. I’ve already done some classes, some are excused because I am a nurse, and some are to come. So I will be putting a bunch of my school work on this site also. It helps me learn by regurgitating the information : ) Community colleges where given the short-term certificate programs  for HIT workers I talked about. I was even part of grant, so I received my tuition back. Very nice. You can find more about it here. I’ll have upcoming links and categories under RHIT. For now, AHIMA or the American Health Information Management Association is the credentialing organization for “effective management of health data and medical records needed to deliver quality healthcare to the public.”

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