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Position Statements by The International Council of Nurses (ICN) 5 of 5 sets

Posted by Laura on January 13, 2015

Social Issues

  1. Armed conflict: Nursing’s perspective(2012)
  2. Child labour(2007)
  3. Cloning and human health(2007)
  4. Falsified/Counterfeit medicines(2010)
  5. Health information: protecting patient rights(2008)
  6. Informed patients(2008)
  7. Health care waste: role of nurses and nursing(2010)
  8. Nurses, climate change and health(2008)
  9. Nurse – industry relations(2006)
  10. Nurses and human rights(2011)
  11. Reducing environmental and lifestyle related health risks(2011)
  12. Rights of children(2008)
  13. Torture, death penalty and participation by nurses in executions(2012)
  14. Towards elimination of weapons of war and conflict(2012)
  15. Universal access to clean water(2008)

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