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Position Statements by The International Council of Nurses (ICN) 3 of 5 sets

Posted by Laura on January 11, 2015

Socio Economic Welfare of Nurses

  1. Abuse and violence against nursing personnel(2006)
  2. Career development in nursing(2007)
  3. Ethical nurse recruitment(2007)
  4. Reducing the impact of HIV infection and AIDS on nursing and midwifery personnel (2008)
  5. Industrial action(2011)
  6. International trade agreements(2010)
  7. Nurse retention and migration(2007)
  8. Nurses and shift work(2007)
  9. Occupational health and safety for nurses(2006)
  10. Part-time employment(2007)
  11. Socio-economic welfare of nurses(2010)

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