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Position Statements by The International Council of Nurses (ICN) 1 of 5 sets

Posted by Laura on January 9, 2015

Nursing Roles in Health Care Services

  1. Antimicrobial resistance(2004)
  2. Breastfeeding(2004)
  3. Distribution and use of breast milk substitutes(2004)
  4. Elimination of female genital mutilation(2010)
  5. Elimination of substance abuse in young people(2008)
  6. Health services for migrants, refugees and displaced persons(2006)
  7. HIV infection and AIDS(2008)
  8. Management of nursing and health care services(2000)
  9. Mental health(2008)
  10. Nature and scope of practice of nurse-midwives(2007)
  11. Nurses and disaster preparedness(2006)
  12. Nurses’ role in providing care to dying patients and their families(2006)
  13. Nurses’ role in the care of detainees and prisoners(2011)
  14. Nurses’ role in prevention of cancer(2008)
  15. Nursing care of the older person(2006)
  16. Prevention of disability and the care of people with disabilities(2000)
  17. Reducing travel-related communicable disease transmission(2011)
  18. Tobacco use and health(2012)
  19. Women’s health(2012)

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