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National Patient Safety Goals – 2015

Posted by Laura on January 7, 2015

Patient safety in practice is an essential component in nursing. The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs), established in 2002, ( a 2015 PowerPoint presentation available here) addresses specific areas of concern in our workplace. It is important to know who lead the safety initiatives,  who collects the data, and what the results have shown.  Untitled

    Last Wednesday we just had a meeting on our NPSGs. Our staff is small, so it is easy for our administration to go over lots of information to keep us updated. I believe by staying up to date with current data, and reflecting of events through the week – keeps us improving the quality of care and safety in our workplace. In our center, we work with the following Patient Safety Goals:

1. Improve the accuracy of patient identification
2. Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers
3. Improve the safety of using medicationscp 2
6. Reduce the harm associated with clinical alarm systems
7. Reduce the risk of health care – associated infections
9. Reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls
14. Prevent health care-associated pressure ulcers (decubitus ulcers).
15. The organization identifies safety risks inherent in its patient population
(The Joint Commission, 2015)

We also have the following Universal Protocol for preventing wrong site, wrong procedure, wrong person surgery

1. Conduct a pre-procedure verification process
2. Mark the procedure site
3. A time-out is performed before the procedure
(The Joint Commission, 2015)

The Joint Commission. (2015). National patient safety goals. Retrieved from

PS – if you wondered why the goals aren’t renumbered, its because: In order to track specific NPSG progress, the numbers remain the same, even if there is a removal from a previous goal which was reached.

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