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Student Stress Survey Updates

Posted by Laura on November 6, 2011

I updated the analysis of the latest Student Stress Survey results. You can find it on the Student Stress Survey page, (November 2011).

For those of you who had the luxury of not taking a HESI exam, it is an exam used by the teachers to gain an understanding of your over all knowledge of subject matter as it relates to what might be on the NCLEX exam and your passing ability. At our school your grade on this exam is added into your over-all points. At some schools, they have to pass at 90% at the end of the program to pass the program!!


3 Responses to “Student Stress Survey Updates”

  1. Kim M said

    The school that I go to in Virginia just very recently implemented HESI testing. I won’t be taking my first HESI exam until the summer semester, but already I’m definitely not looking forward to it. There’s already enough pressure to do well on regular nursing class exams, & the HESI will only add to the stress & intimidation. :/

  2. Stacey Hoeltzel said

    I love this blog! By any chance do you have the pdf template for the med cards?

    • Laura said

      Hi Stacey,
      I don’t have a template. Would have definitely been nice though!
      Glad you found the site helpful.

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