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RN, LVN or UAP – What can you do in CA?

Posted by Laura on December 23, 2010

I spent the day looking at the BRN web site for CA focusing on our Nurse Practice Act and what can be delegated to LVNs or UAPs.

There is no easy official list to go by located there, though I did get a reply back from Miyo Minato.

Nicely said was, “A main difference between the two is that RN’s license is an independent license, while the LVN’s license is a dependent license.  This means that while RN would not need any supervision to perform the functions within the RN’s scope of practice, LVN would need supervision by a physician or a RN to perform the functions that are listed in the LVN’s scope.”

There are still a few questions I have, which I am hoping my instructor can help me with – but  HERE is a list I have come up with with documentation only from the site. I also did a Delegation Tree, much like the one used in other states.

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