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Posted by Laura on December 19, 2010

Another Semester has finished and I am on to my final semester

4th Semester

Through the 3rd semester, I didn’t seem to put as much into my posts on concepts. The 3rd semester being broken into Psych and Peds was different. I did get my PALS, which I feel we should know – just to be on the Ped’s floor.

Now that intersession is here, I will have my ACLS; applied to RN-BSN programs; Precept in PCU at AVH; and have study-ed up on different subject matters for 4th.

One of the things I’ll post on during intersession will be a daily (I will try), NCLEX testing. I am using my iTouch NCLEX review app from ATI. It randomly provides 30 questions. Today – my start, gave me 63%. (not passing!) Hopefully by the end of intersession I will get at least a 70%. I saw this on another site and thought it was pretty interesting. Many of the questions I’m answering will be over material I haven’t seen yet. I’ll use the first post (Sticky) to have a chart of my scores.

I will also post about Precepting.

If you have any Precepting experiences you would like to share – Comment here.

We all learn from others experiences – just leave out any identifying  personal attributes to patients. It should be about your learning experience – not on your patient.

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