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Thanksgiving Mini Care Plan

Posted by Laura on November 21, 2010

Mini Care Plan

Student:          Laura Barron                        Date of Care:  11/25 Thanksgiving /10

Patient’s Initials:  Barron Family     Age:  19 – 78 Sex:  M/F

Room Number:   Beds 1-5

Chief Complaint: Hunger

Family Diagnosis: Exacerbation of Comfort Needs

Focused Assessment 

Subjective & Objective Data


Healthy group of seven individuals in desperate need for food and social interaction. VS are all WNL though physical assessment showed excessive growling of all 4 quadrants of abdomen. Patients complain of hunger, a need to talk, time restrictions and missing puzzle pieces. Patients are living in a temporary enclosed home normally containing 2 patients with pets. Temporary pets have accompanied patients. Patients all have selective palates, likes and dislikes, and abilities in cooking process.

USCR: Promotion of normalcy with presence of hunger

DSCR: Situational: Temporary Oppressed Living conditions

HSCR: Carry out Family prescribed measures related to prevention, regulation, and compensation for pathology.


Self-Care Deficit 

Unable or Unwilling

Patients are unable to start cooking without plan of menu, time schedule and aprons. 



Nursing Diagnosis

NANDA: R/T Pathology

Ineffective coping related to inadequate coping skills characterized by inability to meet basic health needs of hunger, and inability to problem solve. 



Short Term & Measurable

Patients will have full tummies of nice rounded proportions and happy hearts, by 1800 11/26/09
Nursing Interventions 

3 nursing actions


1. Patients will organize meal plan with times by 0900 11/26/09. 

2. Patients will cook and talk through day with continuous tasting and drinking to conclude by end of shift 11/26/09 or sleep time – whichever comes first.

3 Patient’s will find comfort and relaxation with others and express their yearly thankful thoughts at dinner table (hear, hear) by 1800 11/26/09.



Of the Goal

Goal met. Patients are full and happy. 11/26/09 


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