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Dementia vs Delirium

Posted by Laura on September 25, 2010

We have been studying about Dementia and Delirium.The difference of acuteness or chronic. So it was interesting to read AJN’s article from Off the Charts called No Country for Old Women.

In this article the author shares a personal experience with her mother who has dementia, but turns into a suspected bi-polar personality. The author who sees this isn’t her mother’s norm, rightly questions the extremely hard situation and treatment from various doctors. This critical eye of knowing how there must be something else going on, proves to be the case.

To me, it restated the idea that people – all people, can have situations which are different than their chronic diagnosis. Various disease processes can cover up new, acute situations. Even with personalities.

As nurses, we need to always think about what is the main focus. In this particular situation it was the delirium. Delirium can be the symptom to many things – and not just the “Shes getting older” ideation.

Good timely article.

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