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Family Support

Posted by Laura on September 9, 2010

That family support structure during nursing school can be so important. It doesn’t have to be family, but when it comes from someone you love and admire, it makes a lot of difference.

My husband always makes me feel better when I critique my short comings. He doesn’t need to, he just does. And for him, he relates so much of my learning to learning to fly airplanes ( he was in the airforce for over 26 years). When I say, I felt slow for not knowing what the next step was or why the light bulb didn’t come on, he tells me some story about how the pilots will be all ready to go on their flight only to sit for an hour playing with the radar because they were sure it wasn’t working. Then, after calling maintenance who gets there and just turns up the brightness, they realize they should have tried that.

According to him, when you are stressed in a new situation, you will rely on previous habit patterns to get you through. If your experience is limited, you won’t have much to pull from and get stuck. Him relating it to a position that has such critical skills and instruction makes me realize, I will do better next time.

Have you read From Novice to Expert yet? Same thing in there. They find the experienced nurses are the ones who can pull the critical thinking and really make the difference. But it takes experience to get there. Some of us have it, the rest of us will get there.

I also liked watching the NASCAR race with him one night and the reporter asked the driver how he felt before the race. “Butterflies!” he said. Well, if he has butterflies after years of racing around a high speed track, I guess I can have butterflies before going to clinical too.

Sometimes your loved ones are just the thing to help. : )

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