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Posted by Laura on September 4, 2010

The last couple days I worked in “community”. This was actually at a local Urgent Care center, where I had the pleasure of working with some very skilled nurses.

One of the Charge Nurses was kind enough to give me much advice. I’m hoping to remember it all, and will see if through the years I can accomplish some of the things she advised.

I thought I would share a couple of the items.

R.N. Roles

  • Competency  & Safety in clinical practice (get lots of training: now and after your MSN especially with cardiac)
  • Teaching Role
    • prevention (smoking)
    • not only for pt., but for family and other students
    • learning from co-workers
  • Research
    • education, always keep up to date on a daily basis. Use your itouchs, books, web.

Know the “Why” behind everything. (Do a Lisa : ) If you are to give XX mediation, doing the 6 rights isn’t all. Knowing what the labs are isn’t enough. Why are you giving this med? If it is for high blood pressure and the doctor ordered it, and it is the right  drug, dose, etc. – you still don’t give it if you see they don’t have high blood pressure. Talk to the doctor with your documented BP rates and ask. It could easily be an order for a different pt put on your pt’s records, and it could easily be your license.

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