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Orem – "creative effort of one human being to help another human being."


Posted by Laura on July 24, 2010

Hildegard Peplau: psychodynamic nursing – interpersonal relationship between a nurse and a patient.

Four phases of this relationship:

  • orientation – the patient and  nurse mutually identify the person’s problem
  • identification – patient  identifies with the nurse, thereby accepting help
  • exploitation – patient makes use of the nurse’s help
  • resolution – the patient accepts new goals and frees herself or himself from the relationship.

Peplau identifies 6 nursing roles:

Counselor Role – working with the patient on current problems

Leader Role – directing the nurse-client interaction to facilitate goal achievement.

Surrogate Role – figuratively standing in for a person in the patient’s life

Stranger – accepting the patient objectively

Resource Person – interpreting the medical plan to the patient

Teaching Role – offering information and helping the patient learn

(Our book doesn’t list stranger as one of the main 6 nursing roles, but includes Technical Expert – which is one of the  secondary roles the nurse plays along with mediator, safety agent, researcher, tutor, and manager of environment.) –

The Peplau Theory taken from the students of Mt Saint Mary’s College Nursing Program (Los Angeles, CA) 2009.

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