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Freud and Ice Cream

Posted by Laura on July 22, 2010

Can a person compare the Id, Ego, and Superego

to eating a bowl of ice cream?

The desire for immediate gratification and pleasure to have a sweet bowl of lime sherbet  smothered in dark hot fudge and nuts, comes to me once a month. I believe it may be the Id of me. Yet once I dip into the rich, sour, sweet crunchy scoopfuls, I take my time and taste it. I slow my Ego self down and relish all the beauty of it and how begin to notice the coldness in my throat and head. Not far into my bowl I start to wonder how this bowl of sherbet is going to ruin my dinner in a couple hours, not to mention how the chocolate always makes me break out. The right & wrong feed back system of my Superego has now taken over and sent the remains of the green-brown melted mess down the garbage disposal.

To live through Freud in the matter of a few sticky cold minutes…..

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