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Orem – "creative effort of one human being to help another human being."

Posted by Laura on June 9, 2010

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  1. Laura said

    Hi Marcelo,
    I have “bagged” someone, OG tube, successful IVs (along w/non-successful), Foleys, IVFs, Accuchecks, rectal meds, UA’s and Preg tests, 12 & 3 Leads for all patients. Seen pts with seizures, HF, resp failure, trauma, Psych pts – etc. ED is not like my “check-offs” in 1st semester.
    I like my preceptor and the other nurses and doctors working there. I like the continuous pts also. So far, nothing has bothered me yet, and I have seen a few xx things.
    I know I’m not fast enough for them yet, but I also feel I am getting there.
    I’ve had hugs from my female pts, and more from my male pts.
    The best thing is my preceptor asks me for each pt, “what is this pts highest priority for us?”, “what are we going to do about it?” – so mini care plan-ish and I like it.

    • anna said

      hi laura. i am anna from firs semester. can you contact me on my email? i have some questions, plesase.

  2. Marcelo said

    How was ER?

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