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Posted by Laura on June 6, 2010

Survival of the Mind       

I believe our goal in life is the survival of our minds. As Descartes came to realize and show us, the mind is one thing we can be sure of.  It is what we are. If the mind can’t survive we can’t.

This is different than the physical mass of grey that is the brain in our body. It is the conscious-thinking piece of the brain, as the seeing is the sense of the eye, hearing is the sense of the ear, and passion is the sense of love.

Please understand I’m not referring to our general physical structure surviving. This is a valuable goal and one I feel plants and animals (brutes) ultimately have. To say happiness is our ultimate goal, is only saying it is one of mind’s values. I’m not sure all people wish to be happy. There are obviously many who wish to be. Happiness is a feeling. A branch of our mind. One that branches off with other feelings. Such as rays of the sun or steps into a circle.  It is this very center that I am saying which needs to survive for all that drinks off of it may wither and die. It’s those rays that must gather the nutrients to sustain it. It’s happiness from sharing a cup of coffee with a friend that fuels it.

As each individual is different, each mind also has its own ties to values, ideas, visions, and morals. What makes one happy may make another sad. What makes one feel secure, may make another feel confined. What hurts one physically, may excite another. These ties can always change, but they will always be a product of it.

When I speak of the mind, I’m not talking of the soul. For I feel the soul is shaped by experiences and senses and is like an operating system of our mind. I’m not talking of the senses, for these are tools of the mind or the software (if I were to go along in the metaphor of computers.) The mind’s existence in people may be there from chance, God or Bill Gates. For this I haven’t decided yet. You could ask is God a product of the mind, is the mind a product of God, or is the mind God?

I think most of us have many channels that feed our mind, but for some there may be only a few vessels left either by circumstance, environment or choice. You may see this as an addict on drugs, a prejudiced person, or even one who is dying. On the other hand there are many who have countless passages, and you see them as “balanced”, or “well-rounded”, or even “blessed” people.

When I think about it, it’s the thinking that wants to continue. It’s not asking to be happy, just to be able to continue its thoughts.

We feed our mind, and our mind grows as large as the universe.

We exercise our mind and it gets as strong as we let it.

We let it sleep and awaken. It gets sick and it recovers.

Our mind can shatter, and it can die.

What we require is—Survival of the Mind.

– actually written on July 31, 2007, but since we will be going into Psych soon, I thought it might be a good blog.   by laura barron

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