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Headers & Page numbers in APA

Posted by Laura on May 16, 2010

Does anyone else have this problem? I think I have it figured out for Word 2007, so I wanted to share it. When you must have your title flushed to the left, and your page number flushed to the right, this is how you do it so the type doesn’t move around. Select insert Header with the type flushed to left and type in your title. Then tab over to the far left and under the tab for ‘Page Number’ select ‘current position’ and then ‘Plain Number’.  You can follow the link below for more info on New Office Link  You will have to add a different header to your  Title Page. On this page click on your header. Now select ‘Different First Page’ in your Options Tap. Type in your new header. Now all your pages should be numbered through, and you will have a different header on your title page compared to the rest of the pages.

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