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Bill Updates

Posted by Laura on April 23, 2010

AB 1111 Regulatory boards –

  • Apr. 19 Set, first hearing. Testimony taken. Further hearing to be set.    
  • Apr. 22 Set for hearing April  22.  (Vote only)

AB 1802 Pupil health: diabetes: insulin injections – Failed Passage in Committee

AB 1051 Emergency Medical Assistance: Diastat – Failed Passage in Committee

AB 2454  Public Health – Passed as amended and re-referred to the Committee
on Appropriations.

SB 1200 Health Care Coverage: School-based health care – Passed, re-refer to the Committee on Appropriations.

If you are watching a bill and want to know its status, use the site below to access your bill by number or by Author. If you go by Author, then you can know exactly which bills your Assemblyman or Senate is lobbying.

PS – if you don’t understand why the ANA is in opposition of the insulin and diastat bills,please read the letter by the BRN Attorney Don Chang here: DiastatApril2010

(The way I see it, if this bill passes it will allow unlicensed personnel to administer these medications, and it will change our Nurse Practice Act. We need to protect our Nurse Practice Act.)

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