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3rd Day

Posted by Laura on April 21, 2010

Today was spent at the ANA/C Office, then back over to the Capitol building to sit in on the committee hearings of 3 different bills.

SB 1051 on Emergency Medical Assistance: Diastat. This was similar to the one on Insulin being given by a school worker instead of a nurse. Taught and delegated by a nurse. As we know, a nurse can’t delegate giving insulin. It is against our NPA. This allows sub-standard health care affecting the safety of the child. What they need is to get school nurses in the school. Again I joined in the “me-toos” in opposition and watched the voting. There wasn’t enough votes to be passed, but will go up tomorrow (the last day), for a vote, but it doesn’t look like they will have enough votes to go through and we will watch for it then.

One of the other items that the ANA was there for was SB  1200 Health Care Coverage: School-Based Health Care. Again I saw the Intern Executive Director from the BRN. She was there watching all the votes on bills that affect the rights and laws governing nurses. Even passing Assemblyman Knight today outside the capitol on the street pulled a hello to the “future nurse” as he recognized me.  (I’m beginning to feel like I’m living in a small town.)

– And our last bill was a good one. It was assembly Bill 2454. This bill is to add school nurses to schools (taking care of all the above bills). This bill proposes to put school nurses into schools by 2020 at a ratio of 1:750. This bill was placed on call.

Tomorrow we will see where everything ended up, and attend the Senate and Assembly Hearing Committees again.

There is one more bill that is a “spot bill” or one that describes only the intent of a bill that will be submitted at a later date. This current bill will be submitted on May 4th to the committee to be heard and voted upon. This bill my fellow classmates will like. Bill AB 2400 will authorize community colleges to establish and participate in  a baccalaureate degree pilot program (with full budge). It is my understanding from the “spot” writer of this bill, that it will allow a student from a community college with this program to complete their ADN there, and then 20 credits more,  receive their BSN! All at the community college at community college prices! This could be signed by the governor this fall if it gets passed!

The baccalaureate degree pilot program will start off in schools currently decided upon. the closest one to Antelope Valley would probably be College of the Canyons, though the schools haven’t been decided upon yet. Feedback from the Deans of  ADN programs in CA who want to participate is still be reviewed. I don’t know if Antelope Valley College is interested in this program or not.

For support to this bill, the ANA is looking for Nursing Students to send a letter or email (email counts!) to the right assemblymen and senate members. When I have all the contact info tomorrow, I will post it and you can send an email or copy a letter I will post to send.  The bill authors, who are Senators and Assemblymen actually keep tract and bring these letters to the hearings. Your voice does count – as it did the other day with the “insulin” bill. People were still talking about it in the halls of the capitol today.

Assemblymen who were in favor of the bills I “me too’ed”, smiled at me during the hearing and said thank you.

So that is what I learned today. Even in the Capitol of this grand state of California, it is still a small town atmosphere, and each person’s voice – no matter how small, counts.

Well that and a complete review again of the Nurse Practice Act!

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