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2nd day at Capitol

Posted by Laura on April 20, 2010

Today was a big day. We followed a bill that was considered the “Insulin Bill”. AB 1802 introduced by Assembly Member Hall, was in committee today, and voted upon. I had the opportunity to stand before the committee, stated my name and place, (SN- such heavy importance right? 🙂  ) and testified in opposition of this bill. I want you to know I was one behind a verrrry long line of people (nurses, unclassified department of education workers who didn’t want to be responsible for giving children insulin to name just a few) who overwhelmed the committee reviewing this bill. This bill was stopped. I later found out the “rumored” reason it fell flat was due to the Nurses opposing this bill and the presence they made at the hearing today according to our Assemblyman Steve Knight ,who I had the pleasure of meeting today in his office. Check out the images below of my day.

this dog is for Diabetics!

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