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1st Day

Posted by Laura on April 19, 2010

After the RN Lobby Days first meeting and listening to the Honorable Tricia Hunter explain the process of lobbying with bills brought before the CA legislature was like being back in NS110, but with real life scenarios.

Even as we had our discussion on the process of bills being introduced; who can write a bill (the author); who can introduce a bill; and where they get their ideas, our session was interrupted by the presence of Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod.

Then, a couple hours later, Brian Stiger, Director, Department of Consumer Affairs on the SB 1111, came in to let us know issues brought forth by the American Nurses Association\California (ANA\C) were revised in the bill, with relief to the lobbying, but with some issues to be still worked on.

California Senate Bill 1111

SB stands for Senate Bill, and the numbers are assigned each year – as the bill is handed over the desk. They say, due to the decrease in state budget, there are less bills being passed. The numbers normally at this time could be in the three thousands.

Later I went to the hearing for this bill. I actually sat next to and met, Louise Bailey, MEd, RN, Interim Executive Director for the California Board of Registered Nursing (CA BRN).

Good news! She said they actually take those from Antelope Valley!

 You know, for our license! 🙂

PS – it will now cost $150

More tomorrow!

4 Responses to “1st Day”

  1. Vicki said

    It really looks like you had a wonderful experience. i’d still like to know more about it. Do you hav eany other stories or photos you’ll be posting? Really very cool!

    • Vicki said

      Sometiems I get a little lost on your website … it’s just me (a bit techt challenged)but I found all of your postings! Really very cool!

  2. Marcelo said

    Take what Laura? “they actually take those from Antelope Valley!” “for our license!” ????????
    Are you having a good time?

    • Laura said

      Implying that they give RN licences from the Antelope Valley as well as any where in CA. She was just being funny 🙂
      Having a great time! Meeting many very nice people.

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