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Different Teaching Styles

Posted by Laura on March 30, 2010

In class we created Posters to explain different teaching styles: My group did Role Play.

My notes from the posters presented are listed below.

Poster Notes taken by Laura.

Contractual Agreement –

  • Contract. Words signed by student. words signed by rn
  • Verbal contract – what is in it.
  • Agreement notes responsibilities of both teacher and learner. Accomplishing importance of mutual commitment.
  • is it legally binding? No
  • Is it appropriate for patient
  • agreement can serve to motivate



  • Between patient and teacher. Requisites: emotionally invested. Learning readiness, cognitive capabilities, participation.
  • Distraction free
  • Active participation


Audio Visual Learning

  • most versatile
  • involved – capture specific teaching
  • sight & sound
  • 50% audio/visual


  • teacher/learner
  • verbal
  • nurses must be aware of progression

Printed materials

  • Pros & cons
  • Requisites: available, literate, ready to learn, personal.
  • Cons: can you see, larger, illiteracy, language barriers, visual deficits
  • Problems: dyslexia, follow up, may be misunderstood, manual impairment.
  • Braille


  • Advantages: appeals to more than one sense. Provides for individual guidance. Allows for reinforcement. Emphasizes proper sequence.
  • Requsites: emotionally ready, motivated, ready to learn.
  • Requisite of the teacher: turn into learner. edits learner’s information. acts on teachable moments. clarifies often, honors the learner as a partner in the educational experience
  • disadvantages: limited to small groups, Repetition can be time consuming. Some tools require a increase risk of teaching skills


  • Requisites: ability to learn, motivation, language, hearing, cognitive ability

Role Modeling

  • affective
  • actions speak louder than words
  • lead by example
  • personal experience maters
  • monkey see/ monkey do


Role Paying – was mine – didn’t take notes J

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