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Accomplishing the A’s of Grief

Posted by Laura on March 29, 2010

What does grief feel like? According to what I have read, you start with a “…somatic distress,  a tightness in the throat followed by an empty feeling inside the abdomen, a lack of muscle power, and intense disabling distress.” (Brunner & Suddarth, 2008)

What can a nurse do as an intervention? 

Accomplish the A’s of  Anguish.





If you see Dr. Kubler-Ross 5 Stages of Dying, you can try to apply these A’s.

  • The working upon Acceptance – to the focus of Denial
  • Acknowledgement of the pain and intensity of the loss – in relation to Anger and Bargaining
  • Adaptation to the changes in life – to get through the Depression
  • And back to Acceptance

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