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Hi Class – This is an Fundraising Email from Kendra Mason!

Posted by Laura on March 26, 2010


SNAC Spring 2011 is looking for volunteers for our Bingo Night Fundraisers. The next Bingo Night Fundraiser will be April 16th from 4:30pm to 11pm. Volunteers are not required to work the entire time, but we must maintain a least 7 volunteers for the night. The job is very easy. You will help bingo players with purchasing additional bingo cards and pull-tab tickets (sort of like scratchers where they can win between $1 to $400). These pull-tab tickets can be exchanged for more bingo cards or ink daubers. It was enjoyable to do and easy work. In exchange our CLASS gets a $350 donation towards our fundraising efforts. We are looking for two types of people:
1) Anyone who would like to work prescheduled Bingo nights. All Bingo nights from April 16th forward and every 6 weeks are ALL on Friday nights. You can work from 1 hour to 6-1/2 hours…your choice.
2) Anyone who would be willing to work on a moment’s notice (same day) to act as a substitute for organizations that were not able to come in on their appointed day. We would substitute for them and we would get the $350 for OUR organization. It’s a way for us to earn donations more often than just every 6 weeks. But, you must be able to assist on the day that you would be called. I am aware that this can be difficult for some people, but we are looking for people who are motivating into helping our CLASS raise more money. Angel’s Bingo operates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so none of the days would be other than those three.
If you have any other questions regarding Bingo nights, please feel free to contact me via e-mail and I will gladly answer them.
Thank you for your assistance. All volunteers are greatly appreciated.
Kendra Mason –

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