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Posted by Laura on March 26, 2010

Candy Sales

SNAC Spring 2011 in accordance with suggestions has looked into candy fundraising through both See’s and World’s Finest.  Information has been sent from See’s and World’s Finest has their information available online.  We are definitely interested in doing this aspect of fundraising and many of you have stated you would be interested in helping with this type of fundraising.  We would like one eager, motivated person from our class to volunteer to Chair this fundraiser.  The responsibilities would be as follows:

  • Research and report to SNAC of the two possibilities which one would be the most profitable for our CLASS.
  • Work with SNAC in deciding how much should be ordered.
  • Maintaining records of inventory sold.


  • Acting as Financial liaison between all people selling candy and the Treasurer.

If you think you have enough time to be able to volunteer, this would help us tremendously.  This is volunteering on your time and schedule and we can assist with providing a point person from each of the clinical rotations.

Please let either Laura Barron or Kendra Mason know if you would be interested in doing this for our class.

Thank you!

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