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Does anyone want to vote??

Posted by Laura on March 21, 2010

Liza said

March 19, 2010 at 9:08 am e


My name is Liza and I write for the Lydia’s Uniforms Blog. I just wanted to leave you a quick comment because we’re currently holding a contest where our readers can vote on the top nurse blogs. We’ve selected Student Nurse Laura to be on our list of the top 25 – congratulations! If you would like to vote for your blog, or have others vote, please visit this link: We’ll be announcing the winners during Nurses Week 2010.

Best of luck and thanks for your time!


4 Responses to “Does anyone want to vote??”

  1. Vicki said

    I couldn’t agree more…my vote goes to Student Nurse Laura too!
    Congratulations…you are amazing!

  2. Liza said

    Congrats, Student Nurse Laura was selected as one of the winners in Lydia’s Top Nurse Blog Contest! Please send me an email for more details on how to receive your Lydia’s gift card. Keep up the great blogging!

  3. Diane said

    I visited the Link and My Vote goes to Student Nurse Laura. By far the BEST!

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