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AVC Chapter of the CNSA under NSNA

Posted by Laura on March 19, 2010

Our second meeting of the Antelope Valley College (AVC) California Nursing Students Association (CNSA) of the National Student Nursing Association happened today.

We are officially a club under the ASO of AVC and we are officially a club under the NSNA!!!

Today we voted and passed to offer all graduating student nurses a blue and white graduation cord of the NSNA if they are a member.


Being able to share in whatever way we can to make our fellow student’s step forward into nursing a better one is awesome.


Congratulations to all the graduating student nurses!


4 Responses to “AVC Chapter of the CNSA under NSNA”

  1. Tiffany Aeschliman said

    How would I go about getting this cord? I’ve been a member for three years at Biola University.

    • Laura said

      Hi Tiffany,
      If I were you, I would contact your school’s CNSA group.
      President: Natalie McGuire
      Advisor: Anne Gewe
      Ph: 562.903.4850
      Student Contact: Cassie Prow
      You probably know who they are. They can purchse these cords from the National Chapter – NSNA. Then pass them out like we are to our members. Best of luck to you! Laura.

    • Abby said

      My school does not offer the national cords, as I believe our group is not part of it. However, I am a member of the national organization and do not want to purchase 10 cords just to have one…any suggestions? There are 2 of us in my class who are members of the national organization and we are graduating in August…so need to get on this before its too late!
      Please let me know!

      • Laura said

        Hi Abby, What school do you go to?

        I have copied Courtney Glantz, SN, AVC on this. She is the current Co-President of AVC’s chapter of NSNA in California. When I recently graduated, there were a few cords left over in our treasury.
        It will be up to Courtney if she can sell 2 of them to you (plus shipping), so you don’t need to make a bulk order.
        If not, I know the people at the are very nice on the telephone. If you talk to them, it may be possible they can sell you just the 2.
        Congratulations on Graduating!!

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