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Leopold maneuver

Posted by Laura on March 11, 2010

Leopold’s maneuvers

•#1 – Correct dextrorotation of the uterus with the back of one hand and delineate the fundus  with the other to determine gestational age and/or appropriate size.

•#2 – Run hands down maternal abdomen on either side of fetus to determine fetal lie, identifying small parts and fetal spine

•#3 – Firmly grasp upper and lower poles of fetus by placing fingers at uterine fundus and above symphysis to determine presentation and fetal size.

 •#4 – Move hands in bilaterally from anterior superior iliac crests to determine whether or not the presenting part of the fetus is engaged in maternal pelvis. The head is regarded as unengaged if examiner’s hands are seen to converge below fetal head.

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