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Factor 2 & 3

Posted by Laura on March 11, 2010


Our passageway for the vaginal delivery is through the pelvic cavity. Four shapes are considered and determined before labor begins. Gynecoid is the best and classic female type (50%). Android shape is more heart shape resembling the male pelvis (23%). The Anthropoid (24 %) resemble the pelvis of apes and is more oval anterior to posterior. Platepelloid or flat pelvic is possibly the hardest for a normal size baby to fit through (3%).

Prenatal exams are an important assessment for this factor of the birthing process. The inlet is one of 3 planes of the true pelvis. There is also the midpelvis or cavity and the outlet. The inlet is formed anteriorly by the upper margins of the pubic bone.


Primary Powers – responsible for effacement and dilation includes the frequency, duration and intensity of contractions.

Our contraction has 3 segments. The increment when the contraction begins. The acme or climax of contraction, then the decrement or decrease of contraction. Frequency is measured by the start of one contraction to the beginning of the other.

Secondary Powers – the pushing or bearing down efforts of the mother to expulsion of the fetus.

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