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Patient Approved – No HIPPA Violated

Posted by Laura on March 6, 2010

2 weeks post-op. 3 incisions (unseen-medial side.) Procedures completed: Ankle Arthroscopy involving the use of fiberoptic cameras and very small surgical tools – you know, the kind needed for ‘squirrel surgery’  – seinfeld 🙂

Surgical repair of longitudinal split of the peroneus brevis tendon, degenerative tissue removed, shortened, & wrapped 3 times to decrease length, retrofibular groove smoothed and re-formed, joint cartilage cleaned of scar tissue from previous/continuous recurrent ankle instability to the lateral malleolus. There was also an extra muscle belly in this location.

The main thing is 8 years of pain, finally seeing a smart orthopedic sports surgeon who understood and believed there was something wrong even though the MRIs only showed some swelling.

Dr. Mehul Taylor – AKA smart orthopedic sports surgeon

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