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Blue Spots

Posted by Laura on February 28, 2010

After being with some patients, I go home wondering if I did enough, or if I took the right steps. I know things are okay with the nurse on the floor, but I’m still fighting battles in my mind as I learn the ropes. This was the most recent thought process: 

The infants in my limited experience all had what is clinically known as Congenital Dermal Melanocytosis, or Mongolian Spots.

According to Merk’s Manual “Mongolian spots are bluish gray, flat areas that usually occur over the lower back or buttocks. At first glance, they appear to be bruises but are not and should not be mistaken for signs of abuse. They usually occur in black or Asian newborns, tend to appear less noticeable with age, and are of no consequence.”


I feel funny saying mongolian spots. I have since seen it posted elsewhere as ‘blue spots’ or even ‘CDM’. I’ve decided to use these names instead, along with the definition of them being genetic and will most likely disappear as the child gets older. Concern of mothers may be that it was the triple dye leaving a mark on her baby’s skin, or the baby was hurt after birth. A concern of others in the future may be that they are bruises. This makes it important to be sure it is marked in the the baby’s records. (for an image.)

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