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Math – APGAR

Posted by Laura on February 20, 2010

APGAR = Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration – for my spanish speaking friends (Apariencia, Pulso, Gesticulación, Actividad, Respiración) – or as figured by my friend Kendra CHaRRM (color, heart rate, respiratory rate, reflex irritability, muscle tone).

The apgar score was created by a Doctor Virginia Apgar, an anesthesiologist, to assess the health of the newborns immediately after being born.  Using the APGAR Score sheet (mine here), figure the score of this newborn.

A newborn was assessment was noted: Acrocyanosis, good cry but only grimacing when applying stimulation to infant. Some muscle tone is noted with an apical heart rate of 101. What is the score?


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