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GPTAL – Math

Posted by Laura on February 20, 2010

We know GPTAL means:

  • G – gravida or # of pregnancies
  • T – term or # of deliveries after 37 weeks
  • P – preterm or # of deliveries after 20 weeks but before 38 weeks
  • A – abortion or # of deliveries before 20 weeks, either spontaneous or induced
  • L – living or # of living children

A prenatal woman states having 3 young children at home. She says her daughter was born right on time, but her sons were both a month early. Sadly, she lost a baby in her second month. What is her GTPAL?


3 Responses to “GPTAL – Math”

  1. Anonymous said

    It’s G4 not 5

    • Laura said

      Let’s see. G is how many times pregnant.
      She is pregnant (1),
      has living children (3)
      one child was lost (1)
      = 5 times pregnant

      • Anonymous said

        If the 2 boys that were a month early were twins, it would be G4 since that counts as one pregnancy, but otherwise it would be G5.

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